Visit Cairo by Airplane from Sharm El-Sheikh

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Visit  Cairo by Airplane from from Sharm El- Sheikh, it will be a unique and joyful experience.  You will see amazing sites including the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, Egyptian Museum and Khan el-Khalili bazaar.You will get an amazingly good experience and the most important with the honest price

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Visit Cairo by Airplane and enjoy the priceless treasure of Pharaoh’s culture exists in every corner. Masterpieces of Islamic and Coptic history. 

Suited For: Individuals, Couples & Families

Duration: Full day

Communication: English

Available from: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Overview of the Trip

Get a luxury experience and pay a visit to Cairo by Airplane. Be amazed at the ancient treasures over the towering pyramids and a view of the landscape.

Highlights Of The Delightful Experience

  • Full day visit to Cairo by Airplane from Sharm El Sheikh
  • See the ancient antiques and landmarks
  • Experience the beauty of Cairo city as you visit the Mosque of Mohammed Ali
  • Admire the unique Sphinx


  • Firstly, our driver will pick you up from the hotel to the airport, then the excursion will start.
  • You will get a view of Pyramids of Giza
  • Afterward, you will see the three most famous pyramids – Cheops, Khafre, and Mikerin.
  • Thereafter you will see the Sphinx, Cairo Museum.
  • After lunch, you will see the Citadel, during your excursion Visit Cairo by airplane.
  • Then, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali or the Alabaster Mosque
  • At the end of the tour, you visit the Papyrus and Perfume Museum.
  • You will take a return flight back to Sharm El-Sheikh and a driver will take you back to your hotel.

What To Bring

  • passport
  • water
  • dry rations
  • money
  • Clothes for the weather

What Is Included:

  • Visit to Cairo by Airplane
  • lunch
  • transfer
  • entrance tickets
  • insurance

What Is Not Included:

  • ticket to the hall of the Royal Mummies in the Egyptian Museum
  • entrance tickets to the inside of the pyramids
  • drinks

Monday, Thursday

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