Swimming Experiences in Egypt

There are so many thrilling Swimming Spots in Egypt. Egypt has much more to offer beachgoers than sunny, leisurely days on the beaches.

Many of the resort beach towns that stretch down Egypt’s Red Sea coastline are within day-tripping distance of Luxor’s temples and tombs. This makes them ideal destinations for combining historical tours with beach days.

These underwater wonders are equally as essential for tourists as they are for locals. The most well-known destinations are Sharm el-Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula and the area around Hurghada on the Red Sea coast, however, they are far from the only options.

Our list of the greatest swimming spots in Egypt will help you narrow down your choices.

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Swimming Spots In Egypt

Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh

Naama Bay‘s white-sand beach stands at the hub of Egypt’s top beach resort, Sharm el-Sheikh. It is on the Sinai Peninsula and is one of Egypt’s most famous sandy strips. This is one of the best places to enjoy swimming in Egypt.

During the winter months, sun worshippers from all across Northern and Eastern Europe flock here to lounge on the sand. It is lapped by the serene, aqua-blue waves of the Gulf of Aqaba. This place also stares out at the distant dusky jagged silhouette of Saudi Arabia’s mountainous coastline.

Before the beachgoers descended in droves, Sharm el-Sheikh was already well-known for its scuba diving. Also, you can find a plethora of coral reefs within easy reach, including the world-class dive sites of Ras Mohammed National Park.

You can snorkel right off the coast of Naama Bay, although more colorful reefs require a boat ride. Behind the beach is Sharm el-bustling Sheikh’s main resort area, which features:

  • a wide range of restaurants
  • cafés,
  • accommodations ranging from large resorts like the Movenpick Sharm El Sheikh, which sits on a cliff top overlooking the bay, to cozy mid-range hotels
  • And Oonas Dive Club, which has a friendly, family-run feel.

El Gouna, Hurghada

El Gouna, is a purpose-built beach town 27 kilometers north of Hurghada. This swimming spot in Egypt is designed for relaxed, family-friendly sun and sand vacations.

Furthermore, El Gouna is known for its resort-style vacations that include activities such as

  • stand-up paddleboarding
  • kayaking
  • horseback riding
  • desert ATV trips
  • And an 18-hole golf course if you want to do more than just soak up the sun.

The vast swath of Mangroovy Beach, which is El Gouna‘s kitesurfing hub, and the silky white sand of Zeytouna Beach, with its 400-meter-long pier. This allows you to wander out to the deeper sea. Here, the coral reefs reside to save your energy for snorkeling, are two of the four main beach regions.

Additionally, El Gouna is home to a variety of cafés, shops, restaurants, and spas, as well as nighttime family entertainment.

Ras Um Sid Beach, Sharm El Sheikh

The renowned Ras Um Sid reef, with its gorgonian forests, lies only offshore. This makes it one of the best stretches of sand in the Sharm el-Sheikh area for beach days that mix sunbathing and snorkeling. This is a very beautiful spot where you can enjoy swimming in Egypt.

Sure, you’d have to go on a dive excursion to see the Ras Um Sid reef’s lowest depths. But even snorkelers may see a variety of soft corals and sight rainbow-hued, fluttering reef fish close to the surface. It’s no surprise that this golden-sand beach, which is backed by a cliff, is a popular day trip for people staying in Naama Bay‘s center region.

While you’re here, stop by the cliff-top Farsha Café. You can relax on one of the rambling terraces with panoramic views. This is one of the most magnificent places in Sharm el-Sheikh to watch the sunset and rise over the Gulf of Aqaba and Saudi Arabia beyond.

Marsa Alam, Red Sea

Marsa Alam is located 289 kilometers south of Hurghada on Egypt’s meandering Red Sea coastline. It is the beach location that divers had been talking about for years. While Hurghada to the north and Sharm el-Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula became popular diving destinations,

The amazing kaleidoscope-colored reefs of the Red Sea’s extreme south are best accessed from Marsa Alam. However, the hotels already hugging the shore have grabbed up the stretches of white sand. So, a vacation in Marsa Alam means you can are free to include sunbathe in resort comfort as well as diving.

Sahl Hasheesh, Red Sea

Sahl Hasheesh Bay is 30 kilometers south of Hurghada, is a sight to behold. So, it’s no surprise that it competes with Soma Bay for the title of the best spot in Egypt for luxurious beach vacation living.

The long expanse of soft white sand beach, dotted with date palms, stretches the length of the bay. It is backed by a few opulent resorts and a purpose-built “Old Town” center with retail and dining options just beyond the resort gates. Your vacation won’t be complete if you don’t visit this swimming spot in Egypt.

The facilities are excellent, appealing to both couples wanting a romantic escape and families searching for a beach vacation. The most popular activities in Egypt are scuba diving, horseback riding, and boat tours.

Makadi Bay, Hurghada

Makadi Bay is located 39 kilometers south of Hurghada. It is known for its family-friendly beach vacations. There are a slew of large resort hotels that frequently offer good-value package deals and a plethora of amenities. Some of them include- multiple swimming pools, nighttime entertainment, kids’ clubs, and water parks to entice visitors.

There are hotels at the bay and each one has a stretch of beautiful sand in front of them. The family theme continues on the beach, where beach volleyball and beach football are available, as well as snorkeling and diving expeditions to see the Red Sea’s famous reefs. You can opt to combine their beach time with some off-the-sand sightseeing.

Cleopatra’s Beach, Mersa Matruh

Although Marsa Matruh isn’t on many foreign visitors’ vacation radars, this town on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast attracts a large number of local guests during the summer months. Most tourists are beginning to see it as one of the best places for swimming in Egypt.

The town itself is unremarkable and run-down, but the nearby coastline has some fantastic beaches. Cleopatra’s Beach, located at the point of Marsa Matruh‘s tiny peninsula, is the best of many.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony are said to have bathed here in a secluded natural pool between the rocks known as Cleopatra’s Bath, according to local legend. Today, you too can take a swim in the pool and soak up the regal overtones.

Bianchi Beach, Alexandria 

Bianchi Beach is without a doubt a paradise-like site, with smooth white sand, crystal blue water, and waves that are reputed to be tranquil on most occasions.

Bianchi Beach is regarded to be the best testament to authentic summer vacations best for family and friends, as it is tucked into a hand-picked community. Alexandria is a very popular tourist destination.

El Maamoura Beach, Alexandria

This is the ideal location for a family holiday, with peaceful and lovely nature that resets the soul. This swimming spot in Egypt is fairly sandy, and the sand extends about 20 meters out into the water.

Furthermore, the inhabitants of Maamoura Beach are quite friendly, and the restaurants there serve some of the best cuisines in the area. It’s one of Alexandria‘s most famous beaches.

Fatnas Island, Siwa Oasis

If you really want to unwind and enjoy swimming in Egypt, you should view the sunset over Fitnas Island. The palms that surround it, as well as the ocean and the sun with its red, orange, and yellow dusky backdrop as it sets into the pristine water, will wash away any negative thoughts you may have.

Relaxation and a cup of Siwan tea, which is commonly prepared with lemongrass, will do wonders for your mood. Also, keep your bathing suit on you at all times in case you want to go for a swim in that nice lake with that lovely backdrop. It’s almost as if you’re on a date with the palm trees and the sun. It comes highly recommended.

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