Visit to Cairo and Alexandria from Sharm El-Sheikh by Bus

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A fantastic opportunity to explore Cairo and Alexandria’s best monuments. Visit Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Great Pyramid and Sphinx before heading north to Alexandria to explore Alexandria’s best sights. Visit Alexandria Pompey Pillar , Catacombs of kom el shokafa, Fort qitbay, Alexandria bibliotheca & Abo el abbas mosque from out side. Book now, don’t miss such a a wonderful chance to learn the history of ancient and modern Egypt.

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We invite you to visit Cairo & Alexandria from Sharm El-Sheikh, two of the most important cities of modern and ancient Egypt.

Visit Cairo and Alexandria where Egyptian history was born

Suited For: Individuals, Couples & Families

Duration: TBD

Communication: English

Available from: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Overview of the Visit to Cairo and Alexandria from Sharm El Sheikh

Learn more about Egypt by visiting Cairo and Alexandria from Sharm El Sheikh in two days. Visit the library of Alexandria, Al Abbas Al Morsi Mosque and more.

Highlights Of The Delightful Experience

  • Peaceful stay at a 4 star hotel
  • Benefit from a hassle free tour that covers transportation
  • Visit interesting sights in Alexandria
  • Get a great view of the Sphinx and Giza Pyramids


  • Our professionally trained guides will tell you the most incredible stories about ancient Egypt,
  • When you visit “Cairo & Alexandria from Sharm El Sheikh”, you will have the opportunity to visit and even go inside the pyramids.
  • You will see the Giza desert, and the Great Sphinx.
  • The next stop is Egyptian National Museum.
  • Thereafter you will visit the perfume factory real aromatic oils are created.
  • Afterwards, you will Spend the night  an excellent hotel overlooking the pyramids.

Visit to Alexandria – a beautiful seaside city

The next day, you will visit Alexandria and you will see

  • The Fort Kite Bay,
  • The Poseidon – the god of the seas.
  • We will take you to the Abu al-Abbas al-Morsi mosque.
  • Then you will visit the park at the Montazah Royal Palace.
  • Library of Alexandria.

What To Bring

  • passport
  • water
  • dry rations
  • money.

What Is Included:

  • lunch, dinner, breakfast
  • Visit to Cairo & Alexandria from Sharm El Sheikh
  • overnight in a 4 * hotel overlooking the pyramids
  • transfer
  • entrance tickets
  • guide
  • insurance

What Is Not Included:

  • personal expenses
  • tips
  • optional visits to the interior of the pyramids
  • beverages 

Monday, Saturday, Thursday

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