Horse ride on the beach with a sunset

Horse Riding Experiences in Egypt

Are you excited to try horse riding in Egypt? It is indeed a real horseback experience. You can find Classic temples and landmarks like the Red Sea and the Nile

There is a one-of-a-kind horse riding destination that allows you to visit some of Egypt’s most famous historical landmarks. While enjoying some excellent hours in the saddle, visit the ancient Thebes site and the Royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings.

Riding over sandy plains to lush oases, up to the Red Sea, discover this magnificent region and its remarkable landscape. Allow your lovely Arab horses to take you on a journey through history from Luxor and its monuments to Makadi Bay and the Nile Valley.

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Equipment for Horse Riding

To enjoy horse riding in Egypt, you will need the following equipment. A typical rider’s equipment includes:

  • saddle
  • saddle pad
  • girth
  • Gloves
  • horse blanket
  • bridle with reins.

Places To Enjoy Horse Riding In Egypt

Horse Riding In Hurghada

You should consider going for a ride on a well-trained horse while listening to the relaxing sounds of crashing waves and feeling the breeze on your face in Hurghada

When you see the water from a different perspective, it mesmerizes you and makes your heart race. Riding a horse along the beach is one of the most thrilling yet soothing activities you can do.

After a long winter, it’s now time to start thinking about your next outdoor trip. You might start fantasizing about cycling on the beach when the weather warms up. This is a cool spot for horse riding in Egypt.

Finding a beach that accepts horses, on the other hand, could be difficult. But you can find one in Hurghada, don’t wait too long before starting this tour.

Horse Ride From the Nile To The Red Sea

Make sure to take this wonderful trail ride. Riding across Egypt on gorgeous Arabian horses to the Red Sea and Makadi Bay. This trail ride is a fantastic chance to experience the Pharaohs’ homeland in a new light, with plenty of possibilities for sightseeing. After a few days in Luxor, where you can visit the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and more, head to the seaside for some spectacular horseback riding.

On trips like this, you will find around 50 horses, mostly Arabians, and Arabian hybrids, make up the herd. They are delicate, forward-thinking, and well-adapted to the terrain and environment.

This is a ride where you will fully immerse yourself in Egyptian culture, with every effort made to educate you on local customs and give you a taste of what life is like in Egypt.

Horse Ride From Cairo To Luxor

This horse riding tour in Egypt, typically starts from Cairo, a city rich in culture and history and home to more than 20 million Egyptians! The streets are lined with lively souks and bustling bazaars, while the clamor of cooking utensils from nearby eateries fills the air.

Furthermore, the stables are located outside of the city, in two different sites, and are home to gorgeous Baladi and Arab horses. They will also accompany you on this fantastic journey through time.

Combining some of Egypt’s most incredible and well-known sights with some that can only be found off the main path. Because our trail rides are long and often difficult, this vacation is only for experienced riders.

Thereafter, these rides will take you deep into the desert, where golden sand will billow behind you as you speed past ancient ruins, temples, and tombs that are rarely visited.

Luxor, in sharp contrast to Cairo, offers a significantly more relaxed and tranquil approach to living in Egypt. The Nile’s banks are a short walk away. Because the Nile is recognized for its healing virtues, the stable hands will frequently bathe the horses here before bedding them down for the evening.

Long trails in Luxor allow you to view farmers working their fields in the same way their forefathers did. You can then start venturing into the desert to witness the Temple Medinet Habu in the shadows of Thebes‘ mountains. Before returning to the West Bank‘s ancient temples, visit the monastery at the foot of Mount Thebes.

Riding around the Pyramids of Giza

Tour the Giza Pyramids at sunset or sunrise while riding a horse. You can also learn how to ride a quad bike and go on a ride around the Giza Pyramids in the desert. On a hilltop above Cairo, enjoy playing in the desert and panoramic views of the pyramids. You will surely be getting the best views from one of the best places to enjoy horse riding in Egypt.

If you have never gone on a desert discovery tour, then you should try this one. Try this horseback at the Giza Pyramids around sunrise or sunset. Outside the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular view while riding a horse.

Furthermore, the Pyramids are the oldest of the ancient world’s seven wonders, the world’s highest man-made building for over 3,800 years, and one of Egypt’s most important tourist attractions.

Types Of Horses To Ride On In Egypt

The beauty of Egypt is that you will be able to ride Arabian horses. These are the only type of horses used for horse riding in Egypt.

And let us tell you something. If you’re a horse enthusiast, you must ride an Arabian in the desert at least once in your life. They flourish there, and the horses are magnificent! It’s so fast, and in the desert, you can just drive for miles and miles and see nothing but the horizon. That is the essence of Egyptian horseback riding.

The EgyptianArabian horse is one of the world’s most beautiful and valuable animals. It is also regarded as the most attractive. Its body shape is a stunning example of proportion and beauty.

Its height varies between 150 and 160 cm. It has a grayish coat, but it can also have brown, black, or blond coats. It has a good structure, proportion, and cleverness to it.

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We want to provide you with a tailored experience so that you get the most out of your tour time. Even if you only ride with us for a few hours, our goal is to leave you with lasting experiences and friendships. Visit Egypt as a tourist and depart as an honorary Egyptian.

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