Fishing Experiences in Egypt

Do you want to try fishing in Egypt but you don’t know where to start? This is understandable because the first thing that comes to mind whenever anyone thinks of Egypt is probably sandy dunes and massive pyramids.

Most people are unaware that there is any fishing to be obtained in this nation. While Egypt isn’t known for its desert adventure, a fantastic holiday plan always includes a little fishing 

Egypt is known as the “bedrock” of fishing since the Egyptian civilization was one of the first to teach the practice to the rest of the world. We have made a list of some of the best fishing spots in Egypt.

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Fishing in the Red Sea

El Konaisa

El-Konaisa, near Sharm El Sheikh, is one of the most popular fishing places in the Red Sea and is a must-visit for anybody interested in both casting and boat fishing. For casting, you’ll need a personal fishing ticket (as previously indicated). Additionally, there are a number of camps near the coast that you can simply google to set up camp for days.

There are also so many fishes to catch when you are fishing in Egypt. They include Groupers, six-blotch hinds, emperors, sea bream, parrotfish, an array of reef fish, coral trout, and Spanish mackerel 


It’s the closest fishing site in Cairo, so it’s easy to get to, but don’t anticipate much in the way of variety or large game fish. Small groupers, six-blotch hinds, emperors (rarely), perch. Also, on rare occasions, you might find coral trouts or sea breams can be found. Go all out or go home.


Hurghada is the place to be for those of you who are excited about the idea of boat fishing. Even if the fish you may locate there are season-specific. In addition, the abundance of coral reefs and experienced fishermen and sailors make it a paradise for all would-be pros. This is one of the best places to fish in Egypt.

You can also find Barracudas, tuna, giant trevally, sky emperors (Lethrinus Mahsena). Also, you might find the renowned mahi-mahi, along with a few amusing extras: (or dolphin fish).


Miles of reefs and seaweed set the setting just right for our aquatic friends in Hamata. It is known for its abundance of gigantic fish and exceptional big game fishing. Additionally, massive tuna, blackspot emperors, red porgies, groupers, and even little fucking sharks are all possibilities. 

However, it is only for those who are passionate about giving Poseidon the finger. It is strongly advised that iceboxes and food be brought.

Fishing in the Mediterranean


Alexandria gains the lead due to the sheer number of options available. It has become a favorite spot for those who like fishing in Egypt. There’s a plethora of large and medium-sized fish to be found there.

Expect to see sea bream, seabass, a variety of groupers, and mullet (requires some skill). Additionally, you will find the Spanish and King mackerel, striped red mullet, common sole. There is also the white seabream (the most common catch in the Mediterranean), and massive tuna, shrimp scad, barracuda, and striped seabream, among other aquatic creatures.

Fishing in Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser in Egypt’s south is commonly regarded as a fisherman‘s paradise. The lake is said to be home to a colorful array of 32 fish species. Furthermore, it is a renowned Nile perch, a 200-kilogram, a 2-meter giant that can feed a village for a week.

Keep in mind that you won’t also have much access to phone networks or electricity when out and about in the Lake Nasser area. However, you won’t need either when you have your fill of enormous fish and a fantastic opportunity to fly fish.

Tigerfish, moonfish, tilapia, and huge catfish like the tiger catfish are among the scaly residents of the freshwater lake you’ll see.

General Information About Fishing in Egypt

Fishing Regulations in Egypt

There are fishing regulations in Egypt that have to be adhered to by tourists and villagers.

  1. No one under the influence of alcohol is allowed to operate a boat in Egypt.
  2. There should be no casting of lures within 10 feet of boathouses and docks.
  3. Areas marked as ” Restricted” will not be open to recreation. Only authorized boats are allowed in these areas.
  4. Taking newborn fish is prohibited because it directly impacts their survival.

Types of fishes you’ll see while fishing in Egypt

  • Tilapia
  • eels
  • pufferfish
  • catfish
  • elephant fish
  • mullet
  • carp
  • Nile perch
  • upside-down catfish
  • moonfish

Fishing Equipment available in Egypt

  • Bait
  • lines
  • sinkers
  • rods
  • reels
  • hooks,
  • spears
  • nets
  • gaffs
  • waders and tackle boxes are some of the most common items you’d be given for a fishing tour.

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