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Desert Adventures Activities in Egypt

Egypt is famous for its fascinating desert and mountainous areas of different colors and shapes. There are many beautiful oases that intervene the mountains, providing fun and adventures for safari tourists.
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You will enjoy to visit the Coloured Canyon in Sharm El-Sheikh and explore the natural beauty and splendour of the Sinai Coloured Canyon. This is one of the most popular excursions and not to be missed.

It's a narrow and winding valley where layers of multicoloured rocks have been eroded to form pictorial swirls. It is a popular destination for short walks, photography, and even going up and down between the narrow walls. We will drive through Wadi Watirone of the most beautiful views of the Sinai Peninsula connecting Nuweiba with Nakhl. After start the track leading to one of the geological wonders of Sinai the coloured canyon which got its fame due to the shades of colours that cover its walls, with veins of mineral salts that draw lines on its sandy and limestone formations and give them crimson, orange, silver, gold, purple, red and yellow colours. A real value for money and amazing trip you will not regret!

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A fantastic three-hour quad safari excursion in Sharm el-Sheik! It guarantees you enjoy riding a quad bike for 50 km in the desert. Also, it allows you to get acquainted with the desert nature on the Sinai Peninsula. Besides, you will have a cup of tea with the inhabitants of the desert – Bedouins!

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Enjoy riding 4x4 quad bikes through the desert for a total of 80 KM. There are options where you have the privilege to watch and participate in the off-the-grid Bedouin lifestyle, also eat healthy food they have self-produced in front of you.

From $35.00

Travel through the desert and stop by a Bedouin Village. You'll learn about the culture of the desert residents and enjoy delicious food.

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