Popular things to do in Hurghada

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Relax on a heated marble seat while receiving a massage from a wellness professional. Using a particular sponge on your body to eliminate harmful pollutants and boosting circulation.

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In one day trip from Hurghada, discover the best of Luxor's heritage. You will visit notable sites and hear the best anecdotes about how the kings and queens lived, directly from our tour guide.

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Enjoy riding 4 by 4 quad bikes through the desert for a total of 80 KM. There are options where you have the privilege to watch and participate in the off-the-grid Bedouin lifestyle, also eat healthy food they have self-produced in front of you.

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Enjoy an entertaining dolphin show where several stunning creatures are at the dolphinarium perform, and discover the dolphins' amazing drawing, singing, and dancing talents. Each part is filled with emotions and pleasure.

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The Red Sea is heavenly. You may sunbathe, swim, snorkel, and relax here. The ferry to the island. We go snorkeling twice. Island restaurant serves a buffet. The cuisine includes fish, rice, and mac & cheese. Water, soft drinks, and hot drinks are all free (tea, coffee).

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Enjoy a snorkeling day trip where you will gain an understanding of the Red Sea's distinct underwater ecology and inhabitants. It is advised to organize a tranquil day for yourself after being captivated by the vibrant experience and colors of the fish and corals.

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Orange Bay Island is an extraordinary place to unwind and rest in the middle of the red sea. We sail the yacht early in the morning, there is a one-hour stop on our route to a well-known red sea snorkeling destination, to experience the beauty underwater. You can have a relaxing time onboard where delicious food and drinks are served.

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In Hurghada and the surrounding area, there are a plethora of fishing opportunities. The Red Sea is home to a rich assortment of fish, which can be attributed to its favorable atmosphere and warm water. Enjoy a wonderful day at sea with your family and friends!

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Observe the underwater life of the Red Sea! Through our big panoramic windows, you can take in the sights of our delightful Sea scope submersible Hurghada. In addition, you will get the option to snorkel for 30 minutes throughout this tour.

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Riding your horse across the desert and along the shore is an unforgettable experience. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting the horse that best suits your requirements, and then you're ready to begin your journey!

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