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Desert Safari Experiences in Egypt

The desert safari vacations in Egypt provide a feel of adventure as well as a delightful and interesting journey. Throughout your desert safari trips in Egypt, you will immerse yourself in the true essence of desert life by interacting with residents and living as they do.

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6 Safaris For An Exciting Egyptian Holiday

Quad Bike Giza Desert Safari in Egypt

Riding a quad bike in the desert among the Pyramids of Giza was one of those great opportunities to show desert experiences from Cairo. You can hire a private Giza Pyramid guide to show you around and offer you lessons on how to drive your stern 4-wheeler. Simply open the throttle and imagine yourself tearing across the sands.

You will certainly enjoy racing over the Giza plain. In addition, flying around on the plateau’s low dunes, and experiencing the thrill of warm desert air. Stop along the way to take in the spectacular sights of Cairo, including the three pyramids of Chephren, Cheops, and Mykerinus, that were constructed as tombs for ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

Africa Safari Park

Enjoy the most stunning woodland desert safari activities in the open woodlands, encircled by nature and wildlife. A wonderful experience for updating your social media with vibrant images. Africa Safari Park, situated 65 kilometers along the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, allows you to experience a true safari adventure.

There, you’ll be able to witness wild animals in their natural habitat and other exciting activities. This park is special in Cairo, as it was the first of its kind to open in Egypt.

It is Egypt’s first safari park, that offers you a chance to embark on a thrilling and daring journey. The park is also home to 22 different species of endangered reptiles, including the Cobra, Jarboua, falcons, turtles, and other animals. All of them are covered by a cave.

You can enjoy the following activities while on a Desert Safari in Egypt, especially the Africa safari park:

  • Ice hockey
  • Fishing
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Ping pong, as well as other sports are just a lot of small activities that may be done there.

Arab Night Safaris- Eastern Desert

Going on a desert safari in Egypt is a fantastic way of spending time together as a family or friends while horse riding and exploring desert adventures. None of it is better than a nice horseback ride, which you can do as part of your Arabian Nights safari tour.

Arabian Nights camp offers you a wide range of desert activities. During the Arabian Nights safari, you can rent camels, donkeys, or beach buggies to enjoy the desert to the utmost at moderate rates. Also there are cultural shows for travelers on Fridays.

Thereafter, you will then be taken on a tour of the Ein Elcellein area, where you may buy handmade and organic items from local growers, like dates, hazelnuts, mint, and fruits. In this village, the residents are really quite friendly and would even invite you into their houses.

The entire Arabian Nights safari excursion is like a grand feast that should not be missed.

Luxor Desert Safari 

By selecting the overnight camping option, you would be allowed to see an array of different attractions as well as experience the true desert lifestyle. If you looking for an adventure, this is definitely a desert safari in Egypt that you can enjoy. Travel to Dakhla Oasis and stop at Kasr Al Labbakha, a hot spring, for a safari experience.

Enjoy a dip in this nice jacuzzi and relax. You can have Egyptian meals during your stay at the camp if you conduct overnight camping in the Dakhla Oasis safari tour.

Visit the nearby old covered city, which features an oil press, a courthouse, a school, and living quarters. Outside of the desert, you could also explore Muzzawaka and Deir El-Haggar. To wrap out your Luxor safari tour, go to the Baris oasis and the Dush temple.

Sakarra Safari

You will arrive in Sakkara first, then begin your Egypt Safari excursions in a 4×4 jeep. The ride will last for about 10 minutes to get deep into the desert. After this, you must take the time to appreciate the eye-catching view of Sakkara‘s Step Pyramid.

Just after that, you’ll travel to Camel Caravan in the Desert, where you can take a 30-minute camel ride before arriving at Sakkara Country Club for a luxurious lunch after a day of excursions. You’d enjoy going on this desert safari in Egypt with your family or partner.

White Desert

Visiting Egypt’s White Desert, also known as Sahara el Beyda, is an eye-opening experience. It offers the perfect balance of action, adventure, nature, and serenity while avoiding crowds.

When you travel through the arid regions, you start to appreciate water as a necessary element of life. This barren land, like Taghit in Algeria, is beautifully contrasted by oases full of life and foliage. It is considered to be one of the best Desert Safari in Egypt.

The White Desert is special for a number of reasons, and it is an excellent camping trip from Cairo. It is a beautiful place to spend a night. When the sky is clear, thanks to the secluded location, there is virtually less artificial light, enabling you to see stars in the night sky.

Before spending the night under the stars with a delicious meal at a local campsite, see the rock formations and the setting sun.

You can also try desert camping in some tour locations. After the sun goes down, you’ll feast on an ancient Egyptian dinner at your campsite. Barbecue chicken, rice, vegetables, salad, fruit, and water or soft drink will be served for dinner.

In addition, all guests will be served Tea after dinner. You will enjoy a desert party whilst dancing the night or chilling under the stars.

Desert Safari in Egypt- Final Words

A safari in Egypt is a must-do on any Egypt trip itinerary. In Egypt’s spectacular deserts, lie under a galaxy of stars and experience exotic scenery on an action-packed trip to satisfy your safari dreams. In addition, take a tour of some of the area’s most famous places.

There are many safari trip alternatives to choose from, depending on your interests. So, start planning to travel to Egypt right now to experience the beautiful desert safaris together with your family members.

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