Historical Places Activities in Egypt

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Having decided to holiday in Sharm El-Sheikh, it would be possible for you to see the Holy Land in Israel. Don't miss the chance to visit the Israel from Sharm el Sheikh the most sacred place on earth and one of the oldest cities in the world, considered holy to the three major Abraham religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Although the excursion to Jerusalem gives a large portion of spiritual emotions and knowledge of the history of the world.

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Enjoy one of the best tour in Sharm, discovering the attractions of this city! . We recommend this trip for it allows tourists to explore the different attractions and sights of Sharm El-Sheikh. Furthermore, this Sightseeing program will draw you a map of the other areas and places of interest. Additionally, it will provide you with an idea of cultures that prevail in Sharm El Sheikh. ONLINE BOOKING CITY TOUR BY SHARM EL SHEIKH AND BEST PRICE!

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One of the world's oldest working monasteries, Saint Catherine's has been a vortex for both pilgrims and adventurous Travellers for centuries. Walk in the path of Moses on this tour from Sharm el Sheikh to Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine’s Monastery. Travel overnight to Mount Sinai, where you’ll be led up the mountain by a Bedouin guide to watch the sun rise. Afterward, visit Saint Catherine’s, one of the oldest functioning Christian monasteries. The isolated hermitage of Saint Catherine's Monastery sits snug between the craggy peaks of the Sinai High Mountain Range.    

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Secure your place among the ancient treasures and travel to one of the most wonderful monumental destinations in the land of pharaohs through our Luxor day tour from Sharm El Sheikh by plane. Enjoy a special adventure in Luxor  Visit the temples, witness the tombs, live the past and feel as if you are one of the pharaohs. Your experience will not be complete without an expert tour guide, modern special transportation, and VIP service so this trip will be a good affordable choice that deserves to be tried. Enjoy it and book now!

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A fantastic opportunity to explore Cairo and Alexandria’s best monuments. Visit Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Great Pyramid and Sphinx before heading north to Alexandria to explore Alexandria’s best sights. Visit Alexandria Pompey Pillar , Catacombs of kom el shokafa, Fort qitbay, Alexandria bibliotheca & Abo el abbas mosque from out side. Book now, don't miss such a a wonderful chance to learn the history of ancient and modern Egypt.

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Visit  Cairo by Airplane from from Sharm El- Sheikh, it will be a unique and joyful experience. By the way the visit to Egypt are not completed without attend the capital for at least one day. Cairo or as it is called "the mother of all cities" is the capital of Egypt, the Islamic world, and the largest urbanisation icon of Africa. Fly to Cairo from Sharm el-Sheikh and see the wonder of this world-famous city. Cairo's most amazing sites including the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, Egyptian Museum and Khan el-Khalili bazaar.You will get an amazingly good experience and the most important with the honest price

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Visit Cairo from Sharm El-Sheikh and discover a history that spans centuries. Full of vigor, Cairo is the only city where you can feel the Egyptian street life. Visit to Egypt are not completed without a visit to the city for at least one day. Cairo s called "the mother of all cities" is the capital of Egypt. The Islamic world, and the largest urbanisation icon of Africa. Through Visit Cairo enjoy the priceless treasure of Pharaoh's culture exists in every corner. Masterpieces of Islamic and Coptic history are also viewed in the city's landmarks.

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If you are looking to visit one of the oldest cities in the world, then Jerusalem should be on your list. Not only is it one of the oldest cities, it is a holy city three major religions; Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The Old City of Jerusalem  is home to the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Everyone should visit Israel!  Israel is a country of immense natural beauty, world-class culture, unbeatable history, and amazing people. Israelis embrace the present.